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The Rebellious Curator

(posted on 20 Jan 2021)

Finally completed an assemblage I had been working on for almost two years. I would feel inspired to work on it from time to time, but I was consistently getting stuck over my initial concept, and battling the composition...when all of sudden today, it came together completely unexpected.

The title is "The Commodities" and simply put, it is a comment on how fine art has become a commodity. 

I don't hand-hold when it comes to the interpretation of my work. Nor do I use hubris bloat or flashy art speak. I title it, and then let the viewer take it from there. I'm happy to discover that my assemblages are developing a style with a recognizable colour theme as well as my ever-present vintage elements and use of miniatures.

Detail, The Commodities (m/m, found objects, paint, housed in a vintage money drawer)


(posted on 20 Jan 2021)

I'm thinking of appealing my municipality to be able to utilize one of their locked glass kiosks located in one of the community parks as a miniature pop-up gallery. Because of Covid, most of the municipal kiosks are not being used for their intended purpose and are currently sitting empty. I would propose making one of these locked kiosks into a miniature art gallery featuring local artists four times a year along with the artist's statement and contact info. 

I'd appreciate any feedback on this idea or if you are an artist interested in showing your miniature work.

Please email me at jones07@telus.net

(posted on 8 Jan 2021)

I made these granny peg dolls for the first time the other day and really enjoyed the process. They are a little quirky and flawed, but they do have character. I didn't create them with any intention, but I concluded that the one on the left is a poet, the second one in is a free spirit, the one with the big schnoss(my favourite) bakes cookies, and the blonde likes to wear high collars and turtlenecks:D


The Granny life... 

I've always identified with grannies. As a child, I watched my own grandmother who was the embodiment of warmth and comfort. My great aunties, and our granny neighbours who lived quiet lives in their little homes with pretty lace curtains and the gentle smell of lavender. There were always warm baked goods on the counter, a project on the go, and a contented cat or two in the garden. I remember thinking how lovely it would be to live a simple life like that. As an adult, I encountered stories about the interesting lives of Grandma Moses, Tasha Tudor, and other aged modern painters and writers who, late in life, pursued their passions. In particular, Tasha Tudor, who lived on a rural farmstead surrounded by forest and farm animals. She was a painter, a cook, a lover of nature and animals, and she kept a dollhouse. In all honesty, this is what I aspire to. 


(posted on 6 Jan 2021)

You can be a really good friend, and hold someone dear, and still not be valued.

You can say all the right things and still have someone turn your words around.

You can be kind, gentle, funny, charming and smart, and still be rejected.

You can be joyful on the outside, and still carry a heavy burden.

Relationships are tricky and people are complicated.

It's not easy to hold space for all our differences.

It goes wrong sometimes.

I'm learning

after years of guilt over losing a friend,

or having someone walk away and never knowing why,

or being too much or not enough...


I'm learning to guard my heart. 


There's a purpose in everything. 

That failed friendship will teach you how to do better next time,

and that heartache will prompt you to pray when all else fails.

Hold to those who stuck with you and to the God who never changes.


(posted on 31 Dec 2020)

(posted on 30 Dec 2020)

Winter Boots

Comfy Sweater


Dark Mornings

Hot Cocoa

Sleeping Cat


Warm Socks



Did I mention Snow?



(posted on 29 Dec 2020)

"The righteous are kind to their animals." Prov. 12:10

(posted on 28 Dec 2020)

"In that day, I will make a covenant for them - with the beasts of the field, with the birds of the air, and with the creeping things of the ground. Bow and sword of battle I will shatter from the earth to make them lie down safely." -Hosea 2:18

(posted on 27 Dec 2020)

"As for humans, God tests them so that they may see that they are like the animals. The same fate awaits them both. As one dies, so dies the other. All have the same breath. Man has no advantage over the animal...all goes to the same place. All come from the dust and to the dust all return. Who knows if the spirit of man rises up and if the spirit of the animal goes down into the earth?" - Eccl. 3:18-23

(posted on 24 Dec 2020)

I found this German-made, vintage stable which is so full of character. I re-purposed a few Willowtree angels I already had, and added the farm animals for a bit of colour. Mary, Joseph and Baby Jesus are inside the barn which I lit with a soft amber light.


The Golden Retriever and donkey wait patiently at the door.


"For unto you is born this day in the City of David, a Savior, which is Christ the Lord. And this shall be a sign unto you; you shall find the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger." Luke 2:11,12

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