Wendy Jones
Fine art is the head and the heart and the hand together

Kleinwerks Gallery



I love being an artist and a teacher, but I'm a natural curator, and my first love will always be gallery work.

In June 2019, I opened Kleinwerks Gallery. A 1/12th scale miniature contemporary art gallery which exhibits local emerging artists in a professional gallery setting. In addition to an adaptable three component gallery structure, other exhibit spaces include several altered vintage dollhouses and a replica barn. Details such as reception desk, signage, labels etc. add to a realistic art gallery experience. 

Open to looking at artist submissions for late 2022. Please email jones07@telus.net for more information. 


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Newest Installation - House of Cards

A deck of ordinary playing cards have been gessoed, or black chalk-painted, or partially covered. Then I collage, scratch or paint the cards individually to create 3x4 inch miniature abstract works on paper. 


The cards will be exhibited on the walls of an altered dollhouse, then photographed for Kleinwerks Gallery IG.


Kleinwerks Gallery presents: Farbewald


Translated from German, Farbewald means "Colourful Forest". The installation represents colour-laden trees in a typical Fall forest. The individual pieces are made up of small blocks of wood in simple shapes of squares, spheres and cylinders from which all realistic art begins. The sparse negative space between the pieces symbolize the growing loss of forested areas from over-development in many of our communities. 


Farbewald is on view by appointment Oct 1-15 at The Loft Studios. Miniature pieces are $10 each with 1/2 proceeds donated to Critter Care Wildlife Society which rescues displaced and orphaned animals in the Langley area. 



Miniature assemblages by Wendy Jones on view by appointment Nov.1 - 15, 2019

Kleinwerks Gallery, Langley BC


Barn Sale at The Loft Studios Dec 1- 15 All 2x2 original abstracts $10 each.


Kleinwerks 2



Due to Covid-19 restrictions, Kleinwerks 2 will be an Online Exhibit featured on Kleinwerks Gallery Instagram and Loft Studios Facebook during the month of August 2020. 

Kleinwerks Gallery Instagram will feature a painting-a-day leading up to mid-August for the exhibit.


Recent miniature drawings, paintings and sculpture by 5 Langley artists:


Candace Hunter

Christine Smith

Teresa Porter

Anna Vandas

Amy J. Dyck


Kleinwerks 2 is a wrap!


Thank you to the artists for taking time to create so many awesome pieces of miniature art for the show.

$175.00 was raised for Critter Care Wildlife Society through 50% of sales of art.


The animals thank you!



New Installation titled: The Ghosts of the Studio - Kleinwerks Gallery - Instagram



New Exhibit!


Miniature prints by Eastern Woodland Art


"I am Anishinaabe from the Great Lakes region of Ontario. I grew up on. or in the water, on one lake or another almost all of my life. Water has memories, and sometimes those memories are written in the grains of the wood I use in my work. The ash speaks to me. In the same way a needle picked up information on an old record, I translate stories embedded in the wood grain." - Darin Corbiere

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Seven Feathers by Darin Corbiere

This is a miniature print 2x3inches $10




Featuring Miniature Digital Photography by Larry DeFehr


Virtual exhibit is on view June 14-21




Opens August 21, 2021 

at Kleinwerks Gallery Instagram

Kleinwerks 3 features original monotype paintings by Katina Giesbrecht, landscapes in oil by Yuri Grier, and a collection of original drawings and assemblage by Betty Spackman.

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All miniature artwork is for sale with half of sales donated to Critter Care Wildlife Society of Langley.


Overview of 3 gallery components at The Loft Studios in Langley




Taking a break from organized exhibits for one year. I wanted to experiment with some of my own ideas(I have so many)for miniature art. Please stay tuned, I already have new artist's exhibits lined up for all/most of 2023! 




Tide Pools by Lisa Powers - 3x3 handbuilt ceramic sculptures depicting tide pools of her childhood

Mid-February - Feb 28



Miniature Portraits by Pamela Grant


Opens April 2


Kleinwerks Gallery presents:

"Des Filles Des Fleurs"

(Flower Girls)


Miniature portraits and floral paintings in acrylic by Pamela Grant on view through most of April. This is a salon-style exhibit presented in the 1/12 scale structure Pamela scratch-built using found materials. You can find Pamela's other creations at

willowheronminiatures on IG.