Wendy Jones
Fine art is the head and the heart and the hand together

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Can I have postings of your blog Wendy? Thank you. Diane
Diane Young - 12 Oct 2019
I was fortunate to have 7 years with Wendy. Sadly I have moved out of province. I cannot imagine art class with any other teacher. I treasure all that is Wendy.
Marina - 15 Apr 2019
I love book illustrations. I have vintage books that I can't part with because the illustrations are so magical. Thank you for sharing yours!
Elinor Hanschke - 6 Oct 2017
Wouldn't most things on the abstract checklist also apply to most good paintings? Did you know Robert Bateman was an abstract artist for years?
Bonnie - 25 Jan 2016
Nice Christmas themed page! See you soon. Keep up the good work.
Larry DeFehr - 24 Dec 2015
The west canyon trail photo is very beautiful!! I'm hoping to come with you someday.
Bon - 10 Mar 2015
Much art. So blog. Many pictures. Wow! Very daily.
Jeremy - 27 Dec 2014
Very nice web site... inspiring blog.. one of my best accomplishments in life was hiring you, I like your work as an artist and as a teacher!
R. Barrett - 29 Nov 2014
Great to see you branching out with new initiatives to express your love for art. Keep educating us!
C. Hunter - 27 Nov 2014
I look forward to hearing more from my talented sister!
Bonnie wedel - 23 Nov 2014
Your passion for art is contagious - thank you touching lives in such a positive way.
Evelyn Gibson - 21 Nov 2014
Congrates & thanks for letting us know. I'll be checking out your blog, good luck with this.
Lyn DeFehr - 21 Nov 2014
Congratulations on your website! It looks sharp! I am looking forward to seeing more of your work and reading about your blog about your art and of course, Jethro. Happy painting! :)
christine smith - 17 Nov 2014
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