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(posted on 5 Feb 2020)

Background is harder than it looks. Landscape still needs a lot more depth and topographical details.

At this point she looks like Mona's beachy blonde little sister, Skipper.. 

Worked on some facial features, much more work to do on eyes, nose lips..but it's a start.

I enjoyed the fluidity of the lower right side so far.

The hands blocked in.  

Interesting to note that I l did not open a single tube of paint today. I literally only used leftover paint from 6 or 7 student paint palettes from Saturday. 

"So many feel lethargic, unmotivated, or worn out in this hemisphere. We are really not made to rocket straight through winter ablaze with energy. Look at nature. The ground, plants and animals are deep at rest. This is the natural way of things that God intended. Spend time with the long nights, the moon, the bare earth, solitude and stillness. Be easy on yourself." - Victoria Erickson

(posted on 9 Jan 2020)

Day 1 - On the easel. A fairly quick sketch albeit a lot of erasing. The hands.. well, they are a real challenge. Almost to the point of giving up on the hands and covering them with some kind of improvised text or something. But I will persevere.. 

I laid down the first wash rather quickly and will continue next week. I'll also block in landscape details and begin eyes, nose, mouth. Go easy, this was only the first day.


The hands are literally gonna kill me..

Thank you for following along on the 100 Days! It was so fun to find and curate the many faces of Mona Lisa. 


Coming up after the holidays: I shall attempt to paint the Mona Lisa in oil and will blog the journey here. Please follow along as I post progress photos and various processes. I am not a portrait artist, and I have never painted a copy of a Renaissance Master, so I'm looking forward to the learning experience and challenge.

I have other projects I'm working on for 2020, including new Kleinwerks exhibits and an assemblage show in Abbotsford, so this will be a year-long endeavor starting in January. Let's see how far I get by next Christmas:)


Thanks for your support and check back soon. In the meantime, Happy Christmas!



"..and His name shall be called, Wonderful, Counsellor, Prince of Peace, the Everlasting Father."

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