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The Rebellious Curator

(posted on 13 Aug 2020)


Never exhibit in a gallery where yours is the best painting.

When I first started making assemblages, I knew I was having fun, but I was terrified to show them to anyone. They were abstract pictures of my mind and I was afraid I would look like a fool.

But then I realized, my job as an artist IS to be the fool.

Our culture is a pretty unreliable critic..just look at the entertainment industry. So never mind the masses, or the inner critic. It's more liberating to embrace that even though some may deem us foolish, our creativity is God manifesting his image through us, and what a privilege that is.

(posted on 10 Aug 2020)

"A tree growing out of the ground is as wonderful today as it ever was. It does not need to adopt new and startling methods." - Robert Henri

(posted on 3 Aug 2020)

Forest Sunset by Robert Henri

The MONA Collection, Museum of Nebraska Art, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Ne.


"Forget about art and paint what interests you in life." - Robert Henri

(posted on 1 Aug 2020)

(posted on 29 Jul 2020)

99.95 done.


For the most part finished today. I have a few adjustments for the upper hand(there is a bit of swelling, and the wrist needs some work.) Her cloak on left side is not quite right, and I'm not happy with the landscape on left as I look at it now.. 

I just couldn't give it any more and I wanted it to end. Classical Portraiture is not my thing and it was starting to wear on me. I am very happy I was able to complete it though and even more proud that throughout the entire project I almost entirely used left-over student paint palettes. Rarely a tube of paint was opened! 

I have attributed to DaVinci(even though the painting is far from an exact copy), and hope to frame it in a Barogueish frame.

I stepped out of my comfort zone and learned a lot about sfumato, noses and value changes. It took discipline, observation, study and time. 25 hours exactly. Started in January, I devoted 2-3 hours most Wednesdays - except during the Covid lockdown which was 2 months. I challenge anyone to give this a try. It's a great learning experience and an exercise in perseverance. Also, I might add, it is not as easy as it looks..:)


Huge thanks to all who checked in and supported my journey!


Now onto other things..I think I hear a landscape calling..:)

(posted on 25 Jul 2020)

Coming in on Final


I think I may have about 15% left to do:0 Mostly what is left is the fabric details and folds, some finger tweaking, and any other adjustments and highlights. Barring any disasters, it could be very close to the end. Next week I hope to post final photos.

Looks like I may be 5 months ahead of schedule! 

Thanks so much for checking in:)

(posted on 22 Jul 2020)

Fabric, Folds and Fingers


Developed folds in the fabric, more-or-less completed the dress underneath her cloak, and worked on hands. The hands continue to be a challenge because Da Vinci's ML hands are plumper than his usual hands from other portraits. I've been struggling with skin colour, and shaping/flattening the roundness of her hands to not appear too plump. Individual fingers are bent and curved with a somewhat complicated pose.

Back to facial details like cheeks and forehead keep consistency with hand skin colour. Most of her hair is now completed and I have begun to shape the tiny reddish curls on the sides of her face and on the ends of her hair. 

Standing back, I could see her eyes are still slightly too wide open, so I added a bit more weight to the top lid which squinted her eyes a very little bit. 

I can see that the end is coming into sight and I may be ahead of schedule if all goes well in the next couple of weeks.

(posted on 15 Jul 2020)



Good progress today. 

Focused on repairing last week's issues with her eyes, nose and mouth.

It's true, anything can be fixed.

Eyes are not perfect but they will pass. Nose is coming together. Mouth is almost there.

Coming back with fresh eyes made all the difference today.

Problem solving, execution, results.

Next week, fabric, folds, and fingers.


This was almost a poem!

(posted on 9 Jul 2020)

Plagued with Doubt


I devoted yesterday to working out facial issues. I deepened the colour of her eyes and perfected shape, but when I compared my painting to DaVinci's, I saw so many inconsistencies. While the eyes on my painting are nicely rendered, they are not exactly the same as the photo reference and this realization was horrifying. From there, I moved to the base of her nose which proved more than challenging as it is mostly in shadow. On to the lips..omg..the lips. I actually thought I wrecked them. The left side looks pretty good, the right - a disaster. I then decided the best thing to do, was to stop. I shoulda stayed home. I shouda gone for a walk. I shouda..

Let it dry. There is always next week. Ugh.

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