Wendy Jones
Fine art is the head and the heart and the hand together

The Rebellious Curator

(posted on 6 May 2021)

I came across an old journal in which I recorded some of my first blog posts way from back in 2013 or so. I thought it would be fun to share some of them:


Blog #8


"When I surrender to the painting, it quickly paints itself. I'm there to steer the composition, stop, or keep going. My approach to colour is very non-technical and somewhat irrational. The end result may mean different things to different people, and the mood may be hard to pin down, but I like the mystery of that."

The Joy you always wanted me to Have o/c 

This painting was donated to a charity auction and sold for 900.00. The charity ministers to marginalized women in Vancouver and the Lower Mainland. I painted it during the latter half of the year after my mother's death and was dedicated to her, Anne Violet Thiessen(1925-2013).