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The Rebellious Curator

(posted on 27 May 2021)

I found an old journal and wanted to share a few of my earliest blog posts:

Blog #12


Hubris Bloat


"My husband is a full-time Theology student. He reads a lot of dry, scholarly text. He recently coined the term Hubris Bloat to describe descriptive artspeak like this:

In this painting, I engaged aspects of painterly abstraction, generalized areas of colour, rendered light imprecisely, and intentionally confused spatial relationships. 

In other words, it's colourful and confusing."


Potty Mouth House o/c 2014


This painting was part of a series of abstracts about a derelict, abandoned house by the river near the community where I live. This house was broken down, grown over with vines, and riddled with graffiti. From a distance, it may have been haunted, but upon closer exploration, it had a rather welcoming personae. I tried to capture its soul, as I felt the house had its own interesting history despite being laden with profanity and disrepair. This painting describes the interior looking in through the broken front door toward a staircase. The word DEAD was grafittied on the exterior to the right of the entry, and an upside down cross to the left, which I made only partially legible in the painting.


Two of the other paintings in the Potty Mouth House series.


The abandoned house by the river.