Wendy Jones
Fine art is the head and the heart and the hand together

The Rebellious Curator

(posted on 20 Jan 2021)

Finally completed an assemblage I had been working on for almost two years. I would feel inspired to work on it from time to time, but I was consistently getting stuck over my initial concept, and battling the composition...when all of sudden today, it came together completely unexpected.

The title is "The Commodities" and simply put, it is a comment on how fine art has become a commodity. 

I don't hand-hold when it comes to the interpretation of my work. Nor do I use hubris bloat or flashy art speak. I title it, and then let the viewer take it from there. I'm happy to discover that my assemblages are developing a style with a recognizable colour theme as well as my ever-present vintage elements and use of miniatures.

Detail, The Commodities (m/m, found objects, paint, housed in a vintage money drawer)