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The Rebellious Curator

(posted on 29 Jul 2020)

99.95 done.


For the most part finished today. I have a few adjustments for the upper hand(there is a bit of swelling, and the wrist needs some work.) Her cloak on left side is not quite right, and I'm not happy with the landscape on left as I look at it now.. 

I just couldn't give it any more and I wanted it to end. Classical Portraiture is not my thing and it was starting to wear on me. I am very happy I was able to complete it though and even more proud that throughout the entire project I almost entirely used left-over student paint palettes. Rarely a tube of paint was opened! 

I have attributed to DaVinci(even though the painting is far from an exact copy), and hope to frame it in a Barogueish frame.

I stepped out of my comfort zone and learned a lot about sfumato, noses and value changes. It took discipline, observation, study and time. 25 hours exactly. Started in January, I devoted 2-3 hours most Wednesdays - except during the Covid lockdown which was 2 months. I challenge anyone to give this a try. It's a great learning experience and an exercise in perseverance. Also, I might add, it is not as easy as it looks..:)


Huge thanks to all who checked in and supported my journey!


Now onto other things..I think I hear a landscape calling..:)