Wendy Jones
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The Rebellious Curator

(posted on 25 Jun 2020)

I need a Studio Assistant


A pretty productive day in the studio despite the constant back-and-forth referring to the head detail book photo, back to palette, back to painting.. at times, forgetting what my intention was after checking reference photo for the 24th time:/ Hitherto,  I focused on correcting any proportional problems with her eyes, nose and mouth, and developed a little more facial colour. The reference photo shows the nose to be vague and mostly in shadow, so I guess that means my ML nose, will also be vague and mostly in shadow.

I started developing more of the fabric colour and folds of her heavy outer cloak, and the lovely dress underneath, of which we can only see the neckline and bodice. The dress has turned out to be one of my favourite parts, and I have decided to make my version slightly more orange/pink. In contrast to the heavy fabric of the cloak, the dress appears to be a light gauzy fabric with cording detail on neckline and a very faint pattern. So very pretty.