Wendy Jones
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The Rebellious Curator

(posted on 9 Jul 2020)

Plagued with Doubt


I devoted yesterday to working out facial issues. I deepened the colour of her eyes and perfected shape, but when I compared my painting to DaVinci's, I saw so many inconsistencies. While the eyes on my painting are nicely rendered, they are not exactly the same as the photo reference and this realization was horrifying. From there, I moved to the base of her nose which proved more than challenging as it is mostly in shadow. On to the lips..omg..the lips. I actually thought I wrecked them. The left side looks pretty good, the right - a disaster. I then decided the best thing to do, was to stop. I shoulda stayed home. I shouda gone for a walk. I shouda..

Let it dry. There is always next week. Ugh.