Wendy Jones
Fine art is the head and the heart and the hand together

The Rebellious Curator

(posted on 17 Nov 2020)

Tiger in his garden at Konigstein, near Frankfurt 

Here, Tiger has just completed "Breakfast", acrylic on card and wall


Tiger's complex compositions consist of a variation of strokes and multiplicity of colours which is unique among other German Reductionists and Neo-Reductionist Cats. Tiger's work suggests juvenile play activity by "reducing" or destroying the work to reveal large areas of negative space. This has a serious purpose: The reduction of the completed work becomes the essence of its outer form, which is not the reproduction of reality, but rather, reality discovered through its reduction.

To see more of Tiger's process and completed works, please refer to: Why Cats Paint - A Theory of Feline Aesthetics by Heather Busch and Burton Silver, 1993